The Challenge
Having previously worked with us on fulfilling their decal needs, a reseller of ours was looking for new and trendy products to share with their customers. One customer of theirs in particular, a concert & event merchandiser, was looking for a product that concert goers could take home with them and relive their memorable experience again and again. 

Though our variety of stickers would be a great option as they can be stuck on a variety of concert goers’ favorite everyday items, our reseller was looking for something in addition to stickers with a more classic look and feel to match with their country music headliner’s brand. 
The Solution
Due to the specific look and feel the reseller was looking for, Gill was quick to find a winning match in our Natural Leather Coaster. Our Natural Leather Coasters are made with 100% natural full grain leather and have a rich, debossed imprint that allowed our reseller’s customer art to pop. The reseller also had the coasters packaged in clear-top tins in sets of 4, elevating the product offering into a classy, memorable gift item. 
The Outcome
By trusting Gill to deliver our quality product and service to a new customer’s needs, the reseller doubled their second order of Natural Leather Coaster Sets to be distributed at another big event. 

In addition, the reseller was able to supplement their business with their new customer by getting them on board with our tried and true Stock Shapes and Size Decals for distribution at concert events as well. 
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